We know some people would rather go to the dentist than have their photograph taken.  That is why April Beasley Photography, we spend time getting to know you first.  We want you to be super comfortable before we get out the camera and start the session.  When you come into our suite, there will be music to help you relax.  We actually encourage our clients to send us a playlist of their favorite songs.  There are snacks and bottled water.  Before even entering the studio you will be directed to the dressing room to hang up any additional outfits you might have brought with you.  We spend a little time chatting to make sure we have a clear vision of what you need.

After our chat, we will head into the studio. There we will start the session by checking the light and camera settings.  As we do this, April will work to see your best side.  Some people look great from every angle, while others really do have a side that is more comfortable.  April will show you how to pose and walk you through all of the steps.  We check hair and makeup when needed and take breaks when necessary.

Our clients regularly come out of the studio laughing, and we almost always hear “that was so much fun!”

For our families, we work to provide a space where you feel welcome.  April is the mother of four boys.  She understands how difficult it is to get everyone a family ready and out of the front door.  Inevitably there is someone in the family that is not excited about having to smile for the camera.  Again, April will work to make sure your littles are comfortable before the session.  She has little toys and books to help children transition to their new environment.  There is a changing table for any little ones as well as a rocking chair for feeding our smallest clients.  We love, love, love children and they are always welcome in the studio.